When you’re at a concert and your bias waves in your direction



Yongguk trying to serenade a duck…

Yongguk trying to serenade a duck…


kim kibum, the nicest and most comforting friend ever.


This is the true story.

violent dictator sunggu (((╹д╹;)))

Yoooooo Non-Kpop but….


Does anyone here speak Portuguese or listen to Portuguese or Brazilian music? I’m teaching myself Portuguese, so I’m really trying to get the whole accent down and listening to music in Portuguese would really help. So does anyone have any suggestions? 

Also, if someone could explain the differences between bom, boa, and bem I’d be ever so grateful.  Pleaseeeee help me

-Admin Nia

Uhm.. I’m Portuguese, so maybe I could help. :) Well, ‘boa’ is feminine equivalent to bom, and they ar eboth adjetives. I’m assuming you already know what both mean. So, if a girl is a good person, you say “She’s a ‘boa’ person. But if a guy is a good person, you say he is ‘bom’. Now bem is not an adjetive, it can be an adverb and a noun. It’s a noun meaning ‘good’ as in, for example, ‘the GOOD of mankind’ (in portuguese, ‘para o BEM da humanidade’). It’s an adverb when it’s changing the meaning of a verb, noun or adjetive, for example, in the sentence ‘He plays football very WELL’, in portuguese it would be: Ele joga futebol muito BEM. :)

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